Square Enix Verse

The framework retains engagement in the post-game phase, while nurture the player’s connection to the characters and world they have come to love.
Giving Voice (Interviewee) Page in Square Enix Verse

Introducing Square Enix

Square Enix is renowned for narrative-driven Japanese RPGs, immersing players in a fictional universe at the heart of their gaming experience. As their premature game announcements occasionally result in an extended game development cycle, it provides an opportunity for an intervention and investigate player behavior during this stage of their gaming experience.
Square Enix's Game Development Cycles

Defining Our Target Audience

Following thorough secondary research and interviews with hardcore JRPG players who have completed NieR: Automata, we identified recurring trends in player behavior. These trends significantly influenced our decision-making, focusing on post-game activities such as revisiting core memories, exploring behind-the-scenes processes, and analyzing the game's lore and theories. Instead of choosing to replay, players pursue alternative ways to immerse themselves in the game world and engage with post-game content, recognizing that the experience varies with each playthrough.
It’s never the same the second time you play it.
Interview Participant, NieR: Automata Player
Players often form a lasting emotional attachment to the characters they've invested time in. This attachment makes it difficult to say goodbye to the beloved game, prompting them to frequently reminisce about pivotal in-game events or seek content to maintain a connection. As players progress, sensory memories drive them to explore post-game content beyond the gameplay itself.
Motivation Behind Post-Game Consumption

Adopting a Character-Centric Approach

Taking Square Enix's approach seen in JRPGs into consideration, we've adopted a character-centric strategy for Square Enix Verse. This strategy has earned considerable love from players, as the emphasis on characters brings a distinctive and captivating element to their post-game experience. Our aim is to encapsulate the essence that has deeply resonated with players in Square Enix's renowned JRPG titles by prioritizing character development and narratives.

Unveiling Design

The initial subsection showcases character concept art, ranging from sketches to full render. Players, as revealed in our interviews, express a strong desire to explore concept art connected to their beloved JRPG characters, finding it emotionally meaningful as it unveils the creative journey's essence. We've chosen the enduring charm of black and white sketches for this section.
Looking into the process of creating a character is really interesting to me. I eat that stuff up. That’s why I collect concept art books.
Interview Participant, NieR: Automata Player

Getting Lost in Lore

The second subsection provides additional insights into the storyline and characters not revealed during gameplay. Interviews showed that players enjoy media that delves into the lore of their favorite characters, offering fresh insights and enhancing their understanding of the storyline or undisclosed facts.
I’m definitely a lore and theory person. I enjoy drawing conclusions and reading between the lines. I like to take the time to connect existing dots.
Interview Participant, NieR: Automata Player

Lore is integrated as marked hotspots for an exploratory experience, gradually unveiled through horizontal scrolling. This approach leverages NieR's visually rich characteristics, recreating the atmospheric essence felt in the game. Usability testing showed these nuanced elements enhance enjoyment and satisfaction for hardcore players, recognizing and acknowledging elements they love from the game.

Giving Voice

The third subsection provides insights through interviews with the game's creators regarding character motives. Hardcore JRPG players often desire a deeper understanding of the game narrative. Using NieR: Automata as an example, some players may miss the underlying message, especially regarding the protagonist 2B's sufferings. Therefore, firsthand perspectives and insights from the development team, including the Game Director, offer valuable content for these players.
I really value behind-the-scenes stuff. Exploring the process of how the game is made particularly fascinates me, especially when I get to hear about it directly from the individuals who are actively involved behind it.
Interview Participant, NieR: Automata Player

The interviews are presented in the format of narrated audio, complemented by dynamic subtitles that transition between Japanese and English, along with visuals synchronized with the audio content. Players can navigate through the behind-the-scenes material using the dynamic progress bar, which also functions as an index.

Showcasing the Game's Visual Identity

Our official gallery features visually stunning static images from the game's creative team, allowing quick appreciation of the visual identity without narrative immersion. By showcasing visuals directly from the source, we aim to enhance Square Enix Verse's credibility and overall value, providing players with curated content that aligns with their in-game experience.
Official Gallery Page in Square Enix Verse

Delivering Recurring Business Value

Our intervention establishes extra touch-points, consistently delivering recurring business value to Square Enix. It provides a preview of content found in Square Enix's official Lore and Theory books, directing players to official merchandise channels. It also serves as a guide, encouraging purchases for those seeking similar content.
Merchandise Page in Square Enix Verse


A successful project not only meets immediate needs, but also ensures sustained business value for the client. It goes beyond initial deliverables, aiming for a lasting positive impact on both the client and their end users. This approach emphasizes long-term relationship building, aligning the project with business goals and understanding business dynamics for an adaptable solution.